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Owning a BMW is always a thrill and luxury experience, but when it’s time to change the oil.

Anyone with a BMW once asked why are bmw oil changes so expensive? if you’re also one of them, don’t worry I’ve also felt the same.

So, in this blog, we’ll discuss all the reasons with proper comparisons with other car brands and if you read along to the last there will be a bonus part where I’ll discuss ways to massively cut down the cost of oil changing.

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BMW oil changes are expensive because of the use of high-quality BMW recommended synthetic oil, the oil filter, and expensive labor costs. The labor costs tend to be expensive because only BMW-authorized dealerships and auto shops can perform the oil change and using unauthorized professionals could void your BMW warranty.

BMW is a high-performance luxury car, and like every other luxury vehicle, BMW’s repair and maintenance costs tend to be expensive also for the oil change.

The BMW engines aim towards the highest performance, with particular intervals, to maintain the level of engine performance every repair needs to be topnotch along with the oil change.

But there are also other reasons for the oil change of BMW is so expensive.

Several reasons make the BMW oil changes so expensive as well as the output of the service.

Here we’ll look into every possible reason & find out why are BMW oil changes so expensive.

BMW is a high performance oriented company, that uses one of the most advanced inline six to the more powered V8, also diesel variants, that needs top-quality turbos, injection systems, and other materials.

To keep these components working in top condition, these components need to be properly lubricated.

BMW recommends specific types of engine oils that can meet the quality standard to use in these complex and advanced components.

This is mostly a full synthetic oil which can ensure the proper engine efficiency.

And these oils are not cheap at all, and that’s why it is one of the biggest reasons the oil change is so expensive.

And unfortunately, BMW engines consume more oil compared to other brands.

But if you do not use the specific recommended oil, your BMW engines will be sized very soon at about 80,000 miles or so. Normal oils are pretty bad for BMW engines.

As with oil filters, BMW also recommends a specific type of oil filter, which is also more expensive than the others on the market.

Because the BMW uses highest quality filters that can trap the smallest particles that can contaminate and potentially harm the engine.

The oil filter cost is included in the oil change price, where not everyone needs a new oil filter in every oil change, but it still adds to the cost.

Which effectively increases the oil change cost.

BMW always suggests getting your vehicle repaired or maintained by a trained professional in authorized BMW dealerships or Autoshops.

And, if you use any other auto shop, you’ll be voiding the BMW warranty, which gets more costly.

Only visiting authorized auto shops or dealerships plays a huge role in the increased cost of oil changes.

Some BMWs require an additional level of skills and specialized tools, because some oil filters may need different tools to open, but some can be opened with a normal filter wrench.

The more complicated the process, the higher the labor costs, and this passes down to your oil change bill.

That’s why I always recommend you change the oil by yourself, just follow this step-by-step guide here:- BMW X5 Oil Change DIY Guide: Step by Step Process

Some BMW engines can be very complex, like the new hybrid engines.

Which are more complex and advanced than the older ones. And to perform any work on these things, it would need a lot of training, which will need money.

And the professional will surely charge more because he needed to train more for the newer engines.

Also, these complex engines will demand different components and tools, which will further increase the cost.

When you take your vehicle for an oil change, they will perform an inspection.

Where they will pinpoint any other issues in your BMW and upsell you their other services to increase the bill amount.

This cost adds up to the oil change cost and increases your overall cost.

The average cost of a BMW oil change is between $170 to $250+ in a BMW dealership and $130 to $180 in an independent auto shop.

This price depends on many different factors such as location, type of oil, BMW model, etc.

Depending on your location the cost could go up or down by $30-$80.

Visiting an authorized dealership could easily bring up the oil change cost to $300.

And it is the recommended place for BMW maintenance because they have the most advanced tools & skills depending on the latest BMW models and their specifications.

Now let’s compare the oil change cost with other brands according to RepairPal:-

But a DIY oil change can be done very easily, with a step by step guide, which will save you a good amount of money and also give an uncomparable satisfaction to the owner.

The synthetic oil, oil filter kit, wrench, and sockets are a one-time cost, which would take around $90-$120.

BMW engines are made to produce the highest performance possible, and lubricating the engine is very crucial to keep it running smoothly and it’s top form.

Engine oil not only lubricates but also protects the internal engine parts from corrosion and damage.

So, regular oil changes are very important to keep the engine running smoothly.

Now let’s find out how would you know If your vehicle needs an oil change.

The best source to know about the oil change timing is your BMW owner’s manual guide.

In your owner’s manual BMW has given the scheduled time to oil changes according to your specific model and year.

Generally, BMW recommends oil changes every 10,000 miles or once a year.

However, always refer to your owner’s manual for specific details.

Now every modern vehicle comes equipped with an oil change alert system.

Where the oil change warning system will pop up when you’re vehicle is due for an oil change schedule.

This system will pop up an oil can symbol or “service” word on your dashboard, which means an oil change is needed.

But sometimes with any electric malfunction the system won’t show any warning so, it’s best to check your manual guide to stay up to date.

This is another sign that your vehicle starts shaking and vibrating while idling.

This simply means the metal parts are rubbing each other, and not running smoothly because lack of lubricant.

Low oil levels affect the engine balance and cause unusual shaking & vibration.

When there’s insufficient oil or degraded oil the engine parts don’t get lubricated properly which causes unusual noises, knocking, and rumbling from the engine.

When the engine parts are not lubricated they start to grind against each other, which creates rumbling and unusual noises.

In this case, you should get your oil changed as soon as possible, otherwise your engine can suffer huge damage.

If you’re a DIY guy, you can simply check the oil color with the dipstick.

When new the oil is amber color, but with usage it becomes darker and darker which becomes less affected as a lubricant.

So, if your oil looks like dark brown or black, you should change the oil.

Engine oil is very crucial to engine performance and longevity.

And especially BMW’s high performance engines always need the highest quality specific engine oil.

BMW takes the importance of engine oil very seriously and always recommends specific quality oil that is best compatible with their engine and its components.

BMW always recommends using genuine 5W-30 synthetic oil for its vehicles.

This type of fuel is the highest quality oil among other types which is best suited for BMW engines.

This oil gives higher protection from rust, corrosion, and other engine damages, with good fuel economy.

The only problem with BMW synthetic oil is they are very expensive. (with reasons)

There are many types of oil so, let’s see the difference between most used Conventional oil & Synthetic Oil.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is the most advanced & refined oil, which provides a lower level of impurities like sulfur and other additives.

This is more advanced and purified than conventional oil.

Pros of Synthetic Oil:

Cons of Synthetic Oil:

Conventional Oil:

Conventional oil is a basic & common oil used in vehicles, this is mostly used in low-performance regular vehicles like Ford and Toyota.

Using conventional oil will cause frequent/short oil change intervals. This oil is not appropriate for BMW’s high performance vehicles.

To keep the BMW engines top-notch quality & longevity, a regular scheduled oil change is essential.

BMW recommends an oil change every 10,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first.

But I would recommend 5,000 miles cause this number largely depends on the driving & maintenance habits.

And, money spent on oil changes can save you a lot of money because it will prevent potential engine damage, and increase engine longevity.

So it’s always better to pay for oil changes rather than engine damage.

And these intervals can also change depending on your model or year, so always look in your owner’s manual.

Bonus Part:-

As you know it’s expensive to change oil in BMW, however, there are ways to minimize the cost. So, let’s look into them:-

You can try many small tricks like booking in off-peak times, using service packages/pre-paid maintenance plans, and negotiating for discounts.

However, the best way to cut costs is to do an oil change yourself, it is one of the easiest DIY, and you can easily perform it with a step by step guide.

BMW is a high performance luxury car, and they require high price maintenance.

But this is the best expense anyone could ever do. Expenses like oil changes in BMW are expensive, but they keep the biggest cost of engine damage away and keep the engine in top shape, and increase its durability & longevity.

The simplest example is BMW oil changes are four times more expensive than Japanese companies.

The cost mainly occurs due to quality synthetic oil, oil filter & labor charges.

However, I always recommend anyone get their maintenance from an authorized BMW dealership or auto shop. To save some costs look for the ways I’ve described earlier.

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BMW oil changes usually take about 30-50 minutes, but this can differ depending on extra services and technician skills.

It improves engine performance, increases engine longevity, and durability, and gives protection to the engine components.

On average BMW 328i oil change costs between $190 to $280. The costs will depend on many different factors.

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