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Regular maintenance and oil changes are crucial for smooth engine performance. And, if the oil is not changed regularly according to the manufacturer’s recommended period, it will result in reduced horsepower & overall performance, sludge buildup, and engine damage.

So, here you’ll learn how to add the oil to a BMW X5 M, adding oil to a BMW X5m is very easy, and anyone can perform this task with this step-by-step guide.

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So, here are the basic tools required to add oil to your BMW X5m:

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So, now follow these exact step-by-step process to add oil to your BMW X5:-

Firstly, you have to park your vehicle at a level surface and let the engine cool down. You should always wait for the engine to cool down to prevent any burns or injury.

Now use the hood release latch, which is located inside of your vehicle to open the hood.

Now find the oil dipstick which is located near the engine, and when you find the dipstick check the current oil level. To check the engine oil simply take out the dipstick > clean the dipstick > put it back > then take it out again and check if the oil level is below the recommended level, if yes then it’s time to add oil to your X5M.

Now you need to locate the oil filler cap, which is located at the top of the engine and mostly has a label on it. If by any chance you can’t locate the oil filler cap, simply check the owner’s manual. Unscrew the filler cap by turning it counter-clockwise and remember to keep it in a safe space.

Now put a funnel into the oil-filling hole to prevent any oil from spilling out. Carefully pour the recommended oil into the engine. Because more than the recommended amount can cause the same damage to the engine such as a lower oil level.

After adding the oil close the oil fill cap by screwing the cap clockwise. Screw it tightly as it was before.

Now after adding the oil wait for about 15-20 minutes, then use the oil dipstick to check the oil level again. Use the same method to check the recommended oil level. Check If the oil matches the recommended level of marking.

If it doesn’t match the recommended level then add some more until it matches the recommended level.

Now after keeping the car idle for about 30 minutes, check if the low oil warning you were getting is resolved, or check the engine performance with a small drive.

So, here’s the step-by-step guide to adding oil to your BMW X5M. You could use the same guide for many different BMW models such as the X5, 328i, 325i, etc.

Adding oil is a quite simple process, which can be summarized as, use the manufacturer’s recommended oil > locate the oil filler under the hood > remove the cap & add the recommended amount of oil > close the cap and you’re good to go.

And it’s important to keep the oil level at a recommended level to maintain the engine performance and longevity. So, regular maintenance and checking the oil level with the dipstick on a scheduled basis could significantly prevent any damage to the engine for a long time. And, remember to change your BMW oil at approx every 10,000 miles, which is recommended by the manufacturer.

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