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BMW always tries new technologies & features to create a great driving experience for its customers.

One of these advanced technological options is the gesture control feature, which ensures an optimal driving experience for BMW owners.

You know some years ago anyone would look odd when someone randomly waved & twirled their hands inside a BMW.

But now with its popularity gesture control has become known to almost everyone.

And, if you don’t yet know what is the gesture control in BMW? and, the BMW gesture control list, then don’t worry today we’ll discuss this topic.

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The Gesture Control In BMW is the latest feature that uses a 3d camera to capture your hand movement and allows you to control the iDrive functions.

This system lets you interact with the iDrive dashboard while letting you focus on driving. By using this you don’t need to get distracted from the road to use any function or reach out for any button.

With a gesture control system you could perform various tasks such as picking any call, turning the volume up or down, and much more.

Plus you don’t need to take your eyes off the road and prevent any dangerous situation.

You could also say it directly/indirectly works as a safety feature, making your ride more enjoyable and stress-free.

So, now you know about the gesture control system and wondering about what tasks and functions you could perform with this feature.

So, let’s look at the BMW gesture control list, and know what you can do with this feature:

With two configurable gesture options, you can simply set gestures according to your preference. To set configurable gestures follow these steps in iDrive:-

Go to Car > Settings > General Settings > Gesture Control, here you’ll see two options “Function Assignment Gesture 1” and “Function Assignment Gesture 2”.

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With these two options, you could set the additional gestures. If you still have any problems, I’m attaching a video tutorial below, which can help you:

Now you know all the gestures that the gesture control provides in the BMW.

And, now you can use the gestures to enhance your BMW experience.

But, remember not all the BMW models have this gesture control feature, this system was launched in 2015.

Which is now available in most BMW models using the Operating System 7.0, which supports the newest MGU head unit.

So, if this feature came as standard in your vehicle then it’s good, but if you don’t have this option you could look into retrofitted.

Image Credit: BMW BLOG

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