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In this continuously evolving automotive world, BMW is well-recognized for its advanced technological innovations.

And, one of these advanced features is the BMW digital key, where you can turn your smartphone into a key fob.

How amazing right, right but there’s more to it.

And now you may be wondering if your car has this feature or not. Because of some models/years, this feature is not available.

Just read along and you’ll know everything about the BMW digital key feature & all the BMW digital key compatible cars.

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The BMW digital key is an app based system, where you can use your smartphone as a key fob.

This system allows you to unlock, lock and even start your BMW without even using the key.

This basically works as a physical key which gives you the option to share your key access with other 5 persons.

This system is mainly used through the ConnectedDrive app / My BMW app or Wallet app.

With the iPhone as a digital key, if your iPhone battery is dead still you can use your iPhone as your BMW’s digital key.

But if you’ve intentionally turned off your device, then it will only work once you turn it back on.

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From sedans to SUVs the digital key feature is getting standardized with modern models which include the automatic transmission and iDrive 7.0 or higher.

Now you may be wondering if you’re vehicle is one of them or not.

So, here’s the list of digital key compatible BMW cars which are produced after July 2020:-

These are the models that support digital keys, but you need to know which devices are compatible with the digital key. If you have an Apple device here are the models:-

Note: All the 2024 BMW models with iDrive 8 operating system will be compatible with Digital Key Plus.

Now you’ve seen all the digital key compatible models and the digital key models that support only Apple & Digital Key Plus models which support both Android & Apple devices.

So, now let’s look at which Apple & Android devices are compatible with the Digital Key (Plus) feature.

Apple devices require iOS 13.6 and WatchOS 6.2.8 to be compatible with Digital Key.

You could also use the digital key plus with iPhone, Google Pixel, or Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Now you know the compatible BMW models as well as the devices.

So, now let’s know how you can set up the digital key in your device if it’s compatible.

Now you know all the BMW models/years that are compatible with the Digital Key & Digital Key Plus.

So, now let’s know the setting up process of the Digital Key in your Device.

Follow this simple step by step process to set up the Digital Key in Your iPhone.

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The setting up process of the Digital key is almost the same across all the devices.

Now you know all the BMW models that are compatible with the Digital key and Digital key plus.

And this is one of the advanced technologies used by BMW. The Digital Key Plus is the upgraded version of the Digital Key.

To use Digital Key you need to take your device out of your pocket, but with DIgital Key Plus you can use this Without Taking it out of your pocket.

Image Credit: BMW Youtube channel, BMW of Fremont

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